Growing Marijuana in Vancouver: Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Growing at Home

Prevent lasting damages from growing marijuana in Vancouver homes! Watch our latest video in our Lifestyle series to learn about the risks, laws, and proper techniques and solutions for growing at home. According to BC Law, adults are permitted to grow up to four cannabis plants in their household. However, there are several restrictions to take note of:

  1. Plants cannot be grown in spaces that are visible to the public eye.
  2. Plants must not be grown within the vicinity of a child or daycare facility.

Save money and learn the proper techniques of growing, in order to prevent considerable damages in your home. These repairs could cost up to thousands of dollars.

Landlord BC’s Concerns: Growing Marijuana in Vancouver Rental Units

Landlord BC (comprised of members ranging from property owners to property managers with purpose-built rentals, secondary suites, and investment properties) is particularly concerned about the consumption and growth of marijuana in rental units. However, to their relief, there are several restrictions that prevent tenants from growing and consuming marijuana in their rental units.

Damages from Growing Marijuana at Home in Vancouver

1. Electrical overload

2. Excessive humidity – leads to the growth of mold at home.

3. Pesticides and other chemicals transferred into the carpet and the walls.

Former grow-ops in your home can result in extremely costly expenses. Often times the damages caused from grow-ops are very expensive. Homes with former grow-ops also require applications for city approval and permits. This remediation process can be quite tedious and long. The presence of former grow-ops have long-lasting implications, such as the depreciation in value of your home. The on-going stigma of grow-ops can stick with your home for the rest of its life.

Get Licensed to Grow with Health Canada

There is still some uncertainty regarding the new laws and legalities of marijuana growth at home. However, it is mandatory get a license from Health Canada, in order to grow marijuana from home – up to four plants. Subsequently, insurance companies will require proof of a license before they can insure your home.

Tips for Safe and Successful Home Growth

The potential risk for damages associated with marijuana growth are substantial. The following tips aim to mitigate those risks, and keep your home and love ones safe. Here are some simple solutions:

1) Tents – an inexpensive method for growing that is easy to use and set-up. Tents provide a perfect amount of space, are simple to use, and provide easy control for airflow and light. Growing in a tent keeps the air inside, so that humidity does not cause air to escape, which could potentially damage the walls. Also, the tent protects your floors from the cost damage of water spills. In addition, tents prevent light leaks, so that your sleep is not disrupted during the middle of the night. The built-in lighting is enclosed, which gives the plants lighting for 24 hours a day. Grow tents are a simple and affordable solution.

However, others may be interested in more more luxurious, reliable, and higher-grade solutions. Introducing the Hydroponics Grow Boxes by BC Northern Lights.

2) Grow Boxes – provides growing space for up to four plants for a few months. The box is designed with a strong, magnetic door, keeping the plants in and unwanted crawlers or fingers out. The lighting in the box is made with COB LED lights, approved by the CSA. These lights emit a low level of heat and consume low amounts of power. Moving the box around is easy, with built-in wheels for seamless transportation. The grow box has consistent air filtration – a key component that provides full carbon air cleaning. This feature ensures the scents from the plants are controlled.

Grow Plants in a Safely at Home

Grow plants safely and securely from from the comfort of your own home! Over the years, it was a struggle for many people to get their homes insured because tent or a boxes they grew with were not CSA approved. Get approved for housing insurance with the Hydroponic Grow Box. Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey of growing your own vegetables and plants that can be used for medicinal reasons. Gain the freedom to travel for a few weeks, without the fuss of taking care of your plants.

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