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Through Power of Attorney, you have been appointed “Attorney” for a loved one, or a friend, and have been trusted to deal with their business and property and to make financial and legal decisions on their behalf. It’s a very important job and can be a big responsibility, making sure that you are doing the right thing by the owner.
There is a lot to know when selling Real Estate through a power of attorney. The Land Title Act requires the attorney to do certain things and follow certain procedures, and there are specific rules that apply also.

Let us take care of the details, with experience and knowledge we understand what you are faced with. We have professionals on our side, that are equipped to help with the details.

Our team offers a free, no obligation consultation, providing you with a complete market evaluation of the home, and introduce you to our trusted cleaners, stagers, painters, movers, repair professionals and more if required. We have experience managing the project from top to bottom to make this easy and stress free for you. This will free up a great deal of your time, for family activities, career, work, and even holidays. Don’t make this more time consuming than it needs to, let the professionals take care of the details. Our  service is 100% satisfaction Guaranteed, being a BBB A+ accredited business it’s important that you are ecstatic with the service, and we strive to make you happy and keep you happy.

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*we do advise to consult a lawyer for any legal advice about power of attorney, wills, and probate.

For more information about Power of Attorney Act and Land Title Act