christmas money saving tips

Christmas Money Saving Tips

Christmas is barely 10 days away so here are some Money Saving Tips from West Coast Lifestyle Group!

  • Don’t plan the perfect Christmas – first work out what you can afford
  • Agree with friends to ban unnecessary Christmas presents
  • Give charity gifts
  • Find Hidden Brand deals
  • Haven’t used it since last Christmas? Flog it
  • Be wary when buying gift cards
  • DON’T borrow for Christmas… but if you must, get a 0% card
  • Grab cashback on prezzies
  • Chat to family and friends for free via the web
  • Give time not money this Christmas
  • Double-check Christmas delivery’s specified
  • Find big discounts at online outlet stores
  • Make a list – and check it twice
  • Use the web to cut delivery costs
  • DON’T think ‘no receipt’ means ‘no return’
  • Grab end-of-sale bargains
  • Start saving now to spread the cost
  • Book train/flight tickets in advance