Who Should Be On Your selling Team?

When selling your home, you’re going to need a REALTOR like me. That’s a given. But there are other professionals whose expertise you’ll want to tap into as well.

  • Real estate lawyer. Your lawyer will take care of all the legal aspects of the transaction.
  • Mortgage advisor or broker. He or she will help you with financing, including determining how much a new home you qualify for.
  • Insurance agent. Your agent will help insure your new home against damage, including loss or damage to contents.
  • Moving Company. There are a lot of options, from a solo professional with a truck to larger moving companies with cross-country capabilities.
  • You may need to fix a few things around the home to prepare it for sale, or even do a minor renovation (such as painting.)
  • Professional Stager. This is someone who is an expert at “staging” your home so that it looks its best to buyers. It’s proven that a well-staged home tends to sell faster and for a higher price.


The better your team, the easier the selling process will be for you. By the way, I’m well connected in the area and can provide you with recommendations. We can do all the appointments and organize the right professionals that will help sell your home. You can think of us as an assistant that will take the load of your plate. Give me a call !

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