Meet Bob The Dog – Homemade Human Grade Dog Treats

Bob the Dog was established as a home-based business in 2018, Bob the Dog is inspired by our very own pup (a Wheaton Terrier/Poodle cross = a Whoodle!), aptly named Bob.

When Bob became a part of our lives, we soon realized that he was much more than “just a dog”. He quickly became the apple of his Ma’s eye and the friend and confidante to his very own Guy. With his own unique personality (Eeyore comes to mind) and wicked sense of humour, he captured our hearts and makes us laugh every single day.

He is now firmly integrated into our little North Shore household and business and we can’t imagine life without him.

If you are a pet owner, we’re sure you can relate.


We’ve taken an enormous amount of time and care to formulate our own recipes for such products as our Training Treats and Salmon Swirls. As well, we offer a number of one ingredient items (whole foods) that dogs go crazy for, like our Yam Schticks, Kettle Cod and Crispy Salmon Skin.

All of our treats are human-grade, healthy, and based on the feedback we routinely get, they’re delicious!  Plus Bob taste tastes everything to ensure quality control… He’s a stickler for making sure we get it right every single time.

We’ve worked hard to design the perfect leash, available in different lengths, colours and styles, and they are handmade right in our own living room.

We’ve researched CBD products inside and out and now carry a locally made brand that we wholeheartedly believe in.  Shown to help with such things as anxiety and arthritis, this product is providing relief to so many pets, and we feel proud to be associated with that.

We’ve partnered with a local artisan to carry our very own line of magnesium products designed to soothe itches, reduce inflammation and provide a calming source of needed magnesium in the body.

(And because there are similarities between canine and human physiology, we carry CBD and magnesium for humans too!)

We do all this because we care immensely about our customers and their pets.  We fully understand how much they want to give only the best to their furry companions because we want exactly the same thing for our Bob the Dog.

We are based in North Vancouver, but travel far and wide peddling our wares and sharing our love for pets.  From Squamish to Chilliwack and everywhere in between, we’ve become a regular at so many Farmers Markets.  Ambleside, Burnaby and Brentwood, Fort Langley, Cloverdale and Ladner are just a few of the places you can find us on a regular basis.

We love being part of these local communities and pride ourselves on giving the absolute best customer service in every situation.  We’re genuine and down to earth and simply love what we do.

This article was contributed by – Bob The Dog –  Owners . You can find them, and their dog Bob at local farmers markets, including the Burnaby Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. For those not able to meet with them in person at the markets, all of thier products are easily available online at… Our shipping rates have recently been reduced, and they offer free delivery wherever we can.







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