>Maintaining Your Condo


Owning a condo can be a big responsibility. Having the latest trends and styles in the condo can make all the difference when it comes to selling a Burnaby condo or even just enjoying the time spent in it. Things like decorating and furnishing are key when it comes to creating a beautiful living space.

The Right Way


When it comes to the decoration of your Burnaby condo it is important to remember that everything must flow together and the proper contrasts must be present. Decor should always be set up in a way that is fairly general across the board when it comes to what people are looking for. When it comes time to sell, having the right decor can boost the value of the property significantly.

Fine Wood Finishes

Wood finishes can be very impressive to look at when done properly. Always make sure to either hire a professional to do the work or to at least consult one. Do not venture out and try it alone. This can end in disaster. In a lot of cases paint is used to brighten things up. When it comes to smaller sized living spaces such as condos, however, a nice dark wood stain, different styles of finished woods and a unique cherry wood can boost the look and value. As well, wood finishes can be used for many different things around the house besides the floor. Decorating cupboards can be very visually rewarding. Stairs, railings and banisters can be made to look above ordinary with a simple wood finish.

Living Clean

For condo dwellers in Burnaby it is pretty well accepted that they must limit their items and clutter. Due to the small amount of storage space generally found in condos there is not really any choice. Storage lockers can be rented out to relieve condo owners from having the problem of dealing with too much and too little space. With a clean living space it is possible to actually see what kind of potential a space has.

The Wrong Way

Poor Color Choice

Choosing the right colors, when not going with a wood finish, makes all the difference when it comes to having a flowing decor. Choosing colors like brown, purple, lime green and orange can be very harmful to the value and appeal of the condo when it comes time to sell your Burnaby condo. While there may be a specific color that stands out amongst the others, it is important not to pick it if there is little chance of others liking it. Always consider that colors should be chosen based on the overall concept and feel that is being created by the condo’s furnishings and decor.

Oversized Furniture

You’ll have to make the right choice when it comes to choosing between comfortable or practical. Comfortable couches are often big and in a condo this may not be the right choice. Big couches and other large furniture can turn a fairly large open space into a crowded stuffy room. Also, it is not necessary to overspend on furnishings. Always look for the best deal that is available.

Don’t overflow the living space with furniture that would be basically the same in a smaller size. Keep the look of your Burnaby condo clean and neat and you will have a much better chance of selling it fast when the time comes.

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