>Light Your Way To A Vancouver Home Sale


Home lighting is more than just a light fixture hanging from the roof. Lighting, when creatively used, can go a long way in setting the mood of a room and enhancing style and comfort and lead to a faster Vancouver home sale.

Layered lighting is a good lighting theme to consider for your home. You can use four layers to light your Vancouver home. A home with bad lighting is harder to sell. The feel of doom and gloom in a dark house will make it less likely to sell when compared to another home that is bright and cheery.

The first layer would have direct light that comes from an overhead bulb fixture, pendant lamps or windows.

The second layer is creative lighting that is meant to highlight decorative pieces in your home such as a carving or a wall hanging. Track lights and spotlights work well for this purpose. This light can also be targeted to light specific areas such as a reading desk or a cabinet. Use low wattage bulbs to highlight your decorative items and bring out their color.

For the third layer the light itself as a decorative aspect of your Vancouver home. Free standing glass lamps, chandeliers or sconces are good for this purpose

Here are some other useful tips on how to use light creatively for a Vancouver home sale.

Up lighting – When light is placed to face up, it can create a beautiful effect that is not overbearing. Light fixtures can be placed behind furniture items and faced upwards or in beautiful moldings to highlight a given area of the home.

Get Professional Help – If you have a large lighting project ahead of you, get professional help to give you sound advice and carry out the electrical work. Shops that sell light fixtures will give you these services for free if you buy from them.

Natural Light – Consider using natural light creatively as part of your lighting scheme. Use large window to allow natural light to come in.

Cost Effective Lighting – Use led light bulbs to conserve energy and save money. These bulbs last for many years before needing to be changed.

Outdoor Lighting – You can consider using recessed light that does not draw attention to itself outside. Spotlights also work well to provide lighting outside.

Dimmers switches – These switches are an inexpensive way of lighting that help to set the mood of a room. Less energy is required to power a dimmer switch and bulbs last longer.

Use Layered Lighting – Layered lighting is good for areas and rooms that are multi-functional. Different lighting can be used for different sections of the room and for different functions.

Go ahead and get creative as you light your home. If you’re involved in a Vancouver home sale, use light to enhance the positive features of your home. If you’re buying a Vancouver home, look for good lighting practices that are already in place as you do your house shopping.

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