Gardening in Small Spaces

Gardening in Small Spaces – Grow Vegetables in Your Home Today

Do you love gardening but are unsure of how to start within a condo or apartment that doesn’t have yard space? Well then you’ve come to the right place! In this video, we’ve invited our friend Elaine Verrier who loves gardening, to share her insider tips on downsizing from her big home, while still having the luxury of gardening. Watch the video above to learn how you can maximize the space in your home for gardening. 

Planting Herbs for Everyday Use

First we demonstrate how to plant herbs. Here are the steps:

1) Pick your favourite type of herb and purchase the seeds. In this video we use the Herb Garden in a Bag, which comes with a variety of different herbs!

2) Open the herb bag, and look for the circular compressed dirt pod – add this pod into a plastic cup with a little bit of warm water and wait it to expand.

3) Once expanded, take a pencil, pen, or chopstick, to poke a small hole at the top of the pod.

4) Pick a seed of your choice, and insert seeds into hole.

5) Put the pod, with accompanied seeds into a plastic cup.

6) Ensure the pod remains moist – spritz with more water if needed.

7) Cover the cup with plastic wrap.

8) Place on a window sill or counter top that receives a lot of sunlight (south facing) – if your home lacks direct sunlight, consider using a LED light gardening device to mimic the sun rays.

9) Once the herbs start sprouting, take a new cup and punch holes into the bottom with a sharp object such as scissors or a knife.

10) Take the soil pod with seedlings and remove the mesh around the pod.

11) Take a few rocks and place at the bottom of the new cup with holes – this is used for drainage.

12) Pour some soil into the same cup – use clean soil to prevent crawlers from entering your home.

13) Take the pod and the seeds and plant it into the soil.

14) Place it under direct sunlight or LED light.

15) Water frequently.

16) Let it grow!

17) Once grown, pick off leaves, eat and enjoy.

Love Salads? Grow Your Own Vegetables.

Home gardening has never been so simple before! In the next part of the video we demonstrate how to utilize a potting system that stores water to enable plant growth while you are away from home. This is the perfect tool for growing any leafy vegetables such as kale or lettuce.

1) Purchase a self-watering planting device.

2) Fill the device with the required level of water for storage.

3) Pick the vegetable of your choice.

4) Fill the planting device with soil and align the seeds in rows, lengthwise.

5) Cover the seeds with soil.

6) Water the seeds generously.

7) Let it grow for 2-6 weeks.

8) Go on vacation!

9) Return home and voila. Plants have grown, enjoy!

We hope that this video has opened your eyes to the endless possibilities for gardening in smaller spaces. To learn more about planting vegetables such as carrots for your Mom’s favourite summer carrot cake recipe, or how to use a self-watering plant system that allows you to take a vacation without worrying about watering your plants, sign up to our newsletter today and receive an exclusive downloadable!

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