A Realistic Routine for Kids at Home During A Global Pandemic

50% of parents found themselves in a state of panic at the end of summer here in BC Wondering what they were going to do about sending their kids back to school with the lack of new health and safety guidelines or training for our amazing teaching staff. Many parents were faced with the same anxiety and panic that befell upon them back in March when they got the call that their kids would no longer be able to attend school as the global pandemic swept across our nation. Will we have to homeschool our children? What will that look like? How will I keep them busy? Is the threat of COVID19 really all that bad? Do I want my child to be a guinea pig? Do you catch my drift?

If you were a parent faced with these questions, and a big ball of anxiety one of the first things you would have done like many of the moms in my mom’s Facebook group did was look for a logical way to keep your kids safe. For some, if that meant homeschooling they would design a routine to attempt to stick to every day. For others who think going to school would be best, you would start researching different types of facemasks (if you haven’t already) and stock up on personal hand sanitizers (even more than before). Now if you fall into the first category like one of my good friends did you likely would love a completely done for you schedule to hold yourself and your kids accountable, and guess what? We’ve Found one!

This simple, easy, and completely awesome daily routine was done up by a mom just like you! You can find her very honest and open recollection of what she felt the first time she got the lockdown call here. This is also where you will find the Daily Routine!

Send us an email and let us know how you are doing with the ever-evolving new normal. We love to chat!

This article was contributed by – Hansina Sheffer – Admin & Marketing