7 Downsizing Tips For Seniors

7 Downsizing Tips

When the time comes to move into a smaller home, the process of downsizing isn’t always easy.

After filling a home with meaningful memories and collections of keepsakes, how do you downsize enough for a new, more compact home?

In our latest video, I show you 7 tips to ease this dreaded downsizing process.

Tip 1: Enlist the help and support of a trusted family member or friend

You need a support system to help speed up the decision making process and manage the labour of sorting and discarding. It can be tough to decide what you need vs. don’t need.

Tip 2: Finish one room entirely before moving to the next

Allow yourself the feeling of accomplishment for completing a task before moving to the next room. It will help motivate you.

Tip 3: Take inventory of your possessions, and categorize them

Sorting your possessions into four piles, label them as:

  1. To keep
  2. To offer to family or friends
  3. To be sold or donated
  4. Garbage

Sort room by room, but not all on the same day! And remember to ask yourself the following questions: When did I use it last? Will I need it again? Do I have something else that is similar and do I need both? Will I have a room for it? Can I make money from it?

Tip 4: Take pictures of your keepsakes

Take photos of the things that hold sentimental value to you before getting rid of them. This enables you keep the memories to share with other family members or friends, without having to store the actual object.

Tip 5: Gift meaningful possessions now, rather than later.

If you have items that you intend to give as a gift or legacy in the future, consider giving it to the person now so you can witness the joy your gift creates, and save yourself the trouble of storing it for an extended period of time.

Tip 6: Keep possessions that fit your new lifestyle

Consider your new lifestyle upon moving into your new home and choose your possessions accordingly (e.g. if your new home has an exercise room, would you really need your treadmill?).

Tip 7: Take a break

Take a break from your decisions and then come back for a second review. This process of downsizing can be very emotional and overwhelming. Because of that, it’s important to take the time to look back to see how many things in your life you’ve accomplished. It’s now time to move on. Stay positive, because there are lots of great things awaiting you in the future!

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