A peek inside West Coast Lifestyle Group

A peek inside the team of West Coast Lifestyle Group

The perks of working in real estate

Being a realtor has more than a few perks. Flexibility, being your own boss, and quick career advancement are just a few of the reasons our team loves working in real estate.

I often get asked, ‘why did you become a realtor’?

The answer is, in short, because I wanted to be self employed.

Since I was a little girl, my mom always encouraged me to be self employed. “Be your own business person”, she’d say. He words stuck with me and when the opportunity struck, I took a chance. That was the best thing that’s ever happened.

The Team at West Coast Lifestyle Group

Fast forward to today; I took some time to chat with my team about their ‘why’ in real estate with West Coast Lifestyle Group. In this week’s video, they’ve shared their experience and insight with us.

“I decided to become realtor when I was [working] with Diana. It was such a happy time and she was so excited to help find a homes for a buyer, or help a person sell. That’s when I decided to become a realtor–she inspired me.” Shared Valerie Fabris.

Shruti Naik does our admin, marketing, and takes care of most aspects of West Coast Lifestyle Group behind the scenes. “I absolutely love being a part of West Coast Lifestyle Group, it does not feel like coming to work every day.” Expressed Shruti. “I actually look forward to Mondays.”

The general consensus? Working in real estate with West Coast Lifestyle Group doesn’t even feel like coming to work! We are more than just a team–we are a family. We support each other not only in business but also in our personal lives. Because at the end of the day, it’s about the people you work with and for, who make or break a company culture.

What success means to us

We help clients all over the lower mainland and the tri-cities, because our clients come from word of mouth. As a result of our work, our past clients are extremely happy, they tell other people, and in turn they trust that we’re going to do an amazing service for them.

The success of my team that follows this process is the best kind of success…when they succeed, I feel that I’m successful. This kind of success also results from my work helping a client purchase a home, or a seller sell a home. The best kind of success is the kind you share with others, wouldn’t you agree?

Our team wishes you a Happy New Year, and a big thank you for joining us today! We hope you will include us in your 2019 life for your next steps in your home buying or selling adventure.

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