*The High Cost Of Selling Your Home On Your Own

If you have been thinking about putting your Vancouver home on the market you may have been entertaining the thought of selling it yourself. Why? To save money of course and avoid the commission charges you’d be paying your agent.
This concept is not new and if it really were the cost effective alternative then everybody would be making the decision to sell their home on their own. But they aren’t. There are thousands of real estate agents across the country that are used every day to sell homes because using a real estate agent is really the most cost effective solution
Just think about it for a minute. When your car breaks down it would save you a lot of money to do the repairs on your own. If you don’t know how to do them you could learn how and save money right?
The time it would take you to learn how to fix your own vehicle would not end up saving you any money in the end. It would take too long and it is simply not worth it. Plus, you would have to do without a vehicle while you were learning how to fix it.
Society has been designed so that different people learn a different skill and then offer it to the Vancouver marketplace in exchange for money. That is what a real estate agent does. He offers his trade to the public in exchange for a commission.
If selling a Vancouver house were as easy as putting up a sign and a single ad in a classified section, real estate agents would not be needed. But they are needed.
A Vancouver agent has the skills, training and resources to help you sell your home. While you are learning about the marketing resources and the legalities of selling your home, your agent could have your home on the listings and have potential buyers viewing it.
Just like having your car sitting while you learn to fix your vehicle, your house will be stagnating while you learn how to market it effectively.
How much is your time worth?
When you consider the amount of time and energy you’d have to put into selling your Vancouver home on your own, it simply is not worth it. Your time is valuable and you will have to put in overtime to sell your home on your own since you will not be given access to marketing resources such as the Vancouver MLS® listings like the agents have.
All in all, the high cost of selling a Vancouver home on your own simply isn’t worth it.
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