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After a long day of looking for a house with your REALTOR® , you begin to give up hope of finding something you like. You walk into the last home on your list and your heart skips a beat. This house is just perfect for you.

Your quickly make an offer and finalize the transaction. You cannot imagine missing this one in a million opportunity. You plan your move quickly and you finally settle into your new life in your brand new lovely home.

Only then does the nightmare begin. The leaking roof, cracked doors and windows and a damaged foundation are just but a few of the problems that begin to turn up. Many of these things need to be fixed, if not entirely replaced, immediately. Your excitement over your new home quickly turns into a bitter taste of regret.

This unfortunate scenario happens to many homebuyers, who concentrate on the wrong things when they are looking for a house. They spend a lot of time admiring the unimportant things about the home and forget to check on the fundamental things.

What can you do to ensure that you do not fall into the same trap?

Heating and Cooling

Determine the state of the heating and cooling system of the house and ensure that it is in good working order. Find out if the system is energy efficient or not and if there are any ways to reduce power usage. The heating and cooling system can cost you thousands of dollars to replace or repair.

Inspect the Foundation

The foundation of the house is the most important element. It provides support to the house and if it is weak, the whole structure will be weak. Walk through the whole house, including the basement and carry out a thorough inspection. Take note of any weaknesses or cracks that may signify underlying problems.

Work with Professionals

To avoid a nightmare situation, seek out the services of qualified professionals for advice. Get a contractor who can inspect different aspects of the house like the plumbing and the electrical work. Get a professional home inspection done and look for the most qualified inspector available.

Buying real estate in Vancouver is an expensive and long term venture. You cannot afford to make any mistakes in your decision. These three points can help you make a wise decision and save you a lot of money.


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