Kombucha What is it? Learning All About Kombucha With Top Hat Kombucha

Top Hat Kombucha was sparked by an interest, grown by a passion, and named after a small top hat that’s always hanging around on one of the brewing vessels.  Founder, Heather Manahan is making locally crafted, small-batch kombucha and she aims to produce a delicious beverage for truly everyone to enjoy.  Top Hat is brewed for taste!

So, you might be thinking what exactly is kombucha anyway?  Well, it’s a fermented tea beverage.  It’s a raw, living product that is full of benefits and good for health.  It’s naturally probiotic, low in sugar, full of B-vitamins and lightly carbonated.  It’s the perfect alternative to a sugary beverage, gives you that perfect morning or afternoon pick me up, supports gut health, and boosts immunity.  Top Hat Kombucha is exceptional on its own, a great addition to smoothies and the perfect mix for cocktails.  

Heather brews five signature flavours and one rotating brew.  Her signature flavours include Sweet Tea Original, refreshing and not to sweet this one is a great starting place if kombucha is new to you.  Think iced tea with a natural twist.  Blueberry, which is rich, bold and flavourful and raspberry that is vibrant, fresh and tart.  Then she has some unique and fun flavours starting with Strawberry Black Pepper; not spicy but it has a nice hint of pepper on the finish.  Then last but definitely not least she brews up a Jalapeno kombucha!  A perfectly balanced tropical fusion of jalapeno, pineapple and mint.  This is one of the most surprising flavour profiles for people to try and a Top Hat top seller 😊 Kombucha margarita anyone?  She also does a rotating brew which is always fun and innovative.  Currently, the rotating flavour is Carrot Turmeric, it’s turmeric forward but has sweetness from the carrot.  Just beware, rotating brews are limited editions and this one is slated to change for the summer so make sure to get your hands on one soon.

Heather is approaching the 1.5-year mark since Top Hat inception.  She is excited to be in her first season of farmers markets introducing Top Hat Kombucha to the community.  It’s important to Heather to be in the community, meeting the people, sharing her kombucha, and continuously learning and growing.  She says “community and small business support is the key to my success.  Without the community support I’ve received, I would not have been able to grow, especially during a pandemic.  I am truly grateful.”  Even with the current modifications, the farmers markets have worked hard to provide a safe space for small businesses and customers to continue supporting each other.

You can find Heather and Top Hat Kombucha at local farmers markets, including the Burnaby Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm.  She is also popping up in a few retail locations such as The August Market on Main Street in Vancouver, online via Feed Me Fit and is coming soon to Larry’s Market in the North Vancouver Shipyards.  You can visit her website at tophatkombucha.com to view her full market and events schedule and list of stockists.  If you are looking for a special order or collaboration you can reach out to her at tipyourhat@tophatkombucha.com  The sky is the kombucha limits! 

Outside of kombucha brewing Heather enjoys staying active, curling in the winter and golfing in the summer.

This article was contributed by – Heather Manahan –  Owner and Brewer of Top Hat Kombucha. You can find Heather and Top Hat Kombucha at local farmers markets, including the Burnaby Farmers Market on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. You can also reach her at tipyourhat@tophatkombucha.com  & Top Hat Kombucha Instagram








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