Homeowner Tips

What you do for your lawn during the fall will have a great impact on what your lawn will look like next spring. There are four simple steps you can take to help ensure your lawn will be healthy, green and the envy of the neighbourhood next year:

  1. Aerate. This means to puncture your lawn with small holes throughout to allow the fertilizer, sunlight, water and important nutrients that grass needs to grow deep within the ground;
  2. Fertilize. Basically this means feed your lawn before it goes to sleep for the winter;
  3. Overseed. This is when you spread new grass seed all over your existing lawn with a spreader; and
  4. Mow. In November, mow your lawn one more time as short as you can without scalping your lawn. This will help all the other steps above work better.


Source: Ralna Burridge, Mortgage Specialist
Dominion Lending

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