Multiple offers – what to do? Real Estate Tips

Dealing with Multiple offers

Multiple offers are very exciting for the sellers, but stressful and not so exciting for the buyer. Buyer is completing with potentially 3,5,7 other buyers on the same property. And only 1 buyer will be purchasing this property, the rest will have to keep looking.

Keep in mind there are a great deal of things to consider when going in on a multiple offer situation as a buyer. First thing first, have a fantastic Real Estate professional on your side that will go to bat for you, on the desired property.
When I work with buyers, I make sure they are equipped with  as much knowledge as possible about the property before we write the offer. We review documents  such as Property Disclosure statement, title search, and if strata we will be reading  a min of 2 years of minutes, agms, sgms, bylaws, financials , depreciation reports, engineering reports if any, the form b, and more .
I want to make sure my buyers are as ready as they possibly can, if we can get in and do inspection ahead of time we will do that also.

If satisfied with all the du-diligence we may not include those subjects in the offer.

We want to make it as easy as possible for the seller to make a decision, and to accept our offer. We don’t want to help the seller accept someone else’s because we were not prepared.

There are many other things that I do to make sure we have the largest advantage at getting the property for my clients!

Thank you for listening