>Burnaby Moving Tips – How To Best Protect Your Furniture When Moving


If you have recently bought a new home and are ready for the big move, here are some Burnaby moving tips you can use to protect your furniture. It is important to use moving pads or blankets to keep your furniture safe when you are moving, regardless of the distance. These special blankets are usually padded and used to protect furniture, floors and carpets from scratches and knocks during the moving process. Make sure you add these blankets to your list of requirements when planning a move.

Each piece of furniture should be tightly and completely wrapped with the blankets. Secure the blankets using moving bands to ensure they do not unwrap before loading the furniture into the truck.

Purchasing your own moving blankets is the best option. If you use rental blankets and damage them you’ll have to get them replaced and will lose your rental deposit. Plus, you still would have had to pay the high cost of renting them.

You can easily re-use these blankets after the move for other purposes and these blankets can be purchased from most department stores in (Your City).

Here are some Burnaby moving tips to re-use these moving blankets in your new home.

· During those dreary cold winter months, protect your houseplants using these blankets. Wrap the moving blanket around a potted plant to protect it from freezing.

· Use the blankets as padding in your garage or storage cabinets to protect furniture and other things.

· These blankets can provide comfortable bedding for pets. You can always machine wash these blankets to keep them clean.

· Use moving blankets as a cheap way to sound proof your Burnaby home. If you play loud music or instruments, these blankets can provide an easy solution for keeping the sound in.

· Child proof your home using these blankets to protect toddlers from sharp furniture corners that can cause serious injuries in case of an accident.

· You can protect your furniture and floors with these blankets when you are repairing and re-painting your home.

· These padded blankets can come in handy when you are going camping. They can be used as sleeping blankets or for cushioning your tent for extra comfort.

Use these Burnaby moving tips to keep your furniture protected during your big move and invest in moving blankets. Not only will they come in handy during the move, you can also use them around your home for many years.