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>The Best Way to Make Money Using The Bank’s Money

>Most of the public is unaware that 100% financing or “Zero down” mortgages still exist”. On October 15, 2008 the rules passed by Canada’s finance minister took effect, and the existing no money down program was canceled. However, only that one program was canceled. There IS another way… There are a few lenders that will […]

>Affordable Style

> Redecorating our living spaces has never been more popular. Turn on the television these days and chances are you’ll come across one of numerous programs featuring a team of designers who transform a home in just a few days. Astonishing before and after photos demonstrate what can be achieved with some paint, a few […]

>Market Time and Price Reductions

> “How long has it been on the market”? This is a question many buyers ask. The thought behind it is often one of two things. Either there’s something wrong with the home or the price is too high. Both of these notions may need clarification. Let me deal with the first thought. Consumers need […]

>Getting the Best Service

> Before getting the answers to these questions there is one major decision to be made: which Realtor shall you choose to help you get through the maze of forms and give you the direction needed to successfully complete your real estate transactions? Buying a home is too important to leave up to a committee. […]

>Do Your Homework – Home Inspections

> Home inspections are often an important part of the pre-purchase routine when buying a house. You do not want to end with faults that you had not anticipated. Choosing a home inspector can be difficult process. It is important to consult with family and friends to find a reliable inspector that has good references. […]

>Costs and Considerations when Buying a Home

> “Home is an invention on which no one has yet improved.” – Ann Douglas In the excitement of beginning a search for a home, many people jump right in without considering all of the elements that make a home truly right for them. It is a complicated and personal process. An unsuitable choice can […]

>”But I can’t afford to buy….”

> “But I can’t afford to buy….” Many people would like to start building equity in their own home, but are held back by concerns about cost. In fact, the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation estimates that 40 per cent of renters in Canada today can afford to buy their own home. If affordable housing […]

>10 Ways to Plan Ahead for a New House

> 10 Ways to Plan Ahead for a New House There are many advantages to purchasing a new home: buyers are able to build equity, to enjoy the pride of ownership, and to obtain accommodation that is often larger and/or more luxurious than what is available to rent. Property has also proven to be a […]