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>New Sovereign (Kingsway and Willingdon)

>It’s the tallest building in Burnaby, by far. Perched atop an international hotel – homes start on the 20th floor and reach intoxicating heights. Designed and built by Bosa Properties, these are lofty heights to achieve in elevation, stature and prestige Everything about Sovereign tells you that this residence is a cut above. From the […]

>Burnaby Sustainable Homes

> Owning a house that is completely sustainable is very important in today’s real estate market in Burnaby. The movement to go green is taking over in the minds of manufacturers and consumers alike. Sustainable homes provide a lot of different positive things for both the environment and for homeowners. Remodeling your home in a […]

>Furnishing with RUGS!

> Rugs change your home. They can bring out the best in your furniture, or act as a colorful exclamation mark on their own. They warm your feet, they help you keep a clean house, they even dampen the sound. Decorating with rugs is an easy way to make your home more personal and pleasant. […]

>A Quick Glance of Home Elevator

> The first home elevator in North America was installed in 1929. 25 years ago, the home elevator became more popular when people realized that other than mobility, transportation advantages, convenience, and residence value, another advantage of having a home elevator is the fact that they require minimal maintenance. This fact is still true today. […]

>Will new mortgage rules trigger winter buying?

> The Canadian Real Estate Association is concerned that changes to mortgage rules will force Canadians to buy homes through the traditionally slow winter market rather than waiting until the spring. The federal government said that in 60 days, Canadians will no longer be able to obtain mortgages that have an amortization period of longer […]

>6 Common Mistakes Made By Burnaby Homebuyers

> There are some common mistakes that homebuyers make and Burnaby real estate agents see them time and time again. Read through these common mistakes so that you can avoid making them and have a smooth sale. 1. Lack of budgeting for insurance. In many instances homebuyers opt for insurance deals to save a few […]

>Strategies to Avoid a Foreclosure

> A mortgage represents that largest single source of investment (and debt) for individual Canadians. Protecting that investment during uncertain times will have a significant impact on long-term financial health. Foreclosures are the worst case scenario for homeowners since it results in the loss of part or all of a property investment. Consider the following […]

>Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

>New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. Did your New Year resolutions make our top ten list? 10. […]

>My real estate wish list for 2011

> Canada is still one of the most desired destinations for immigrants and the Canadian real estate market has stayed strong in 2010. As we look to 2011, I believe that with certain improvements, the process of buying and selling a home could be much less stressful, with benefits to both buyers and sellers. With […]