Attracting The Best Tenants

There is both a skill and an art in attracting the best Vancouver tenants. You’ll want your new tenants to feel welcome and comfortable while at the same time they need to understand that the rules are meant to be followed. The best Vancouver tenants will appreciate these rules and follow them while remaining friendly and cordial towards you.

It’s really all in the attitude. You probably have some relationships with others where there is a sort of ethics presence that needs to be maintained while at the same time not appearing stand-offish. This is the same situation. There is a fine line between friendships and tenants and you need to have this line defined. There have been a lot of problems with landlords and Vancouver tenants that have become friends and then later ended up in court.

The building itself needs to be maintained and look warm and inviting, but that is not all that is needed. You or the property manager will have full control over picking your tenants and this will be the deciding factor over the type of tenants you get.

Attracting the right Vancouver tenants

When you put up an ad for a unit you should state clearly what you are looking for in a Vancouver tenant. You’d be amazed to see the response you receive if you just add an extra line saying what you expect in a tenant. If you just advertise the unit and mention all of the wonderful things about it, you are leaving the door open for anyone to apply.

Just by adding a simple line like: “Looking for responsible Vancouver tenants” will filter out a lot of applications from people that don’t consider themselves to be responsible.

You need to look for the absolute best Vancouver tenants to keep your property well maintained and to ensure that the rent is always paid on time. Find these tenants by attracting them with a pleasant, yet firm attitude and always state your expectations freely and without reservation.

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